Catch-Up Premium

School overview 




School name 

Sandringham Primary School 

Pupils in school 


Catch-Up Funding allocation  


Academic year or years covered by statement 


Publish date 

September 2020 

Review date 

April 2021 



Strategy aims for use of catch-up premium 




Target date  

Quality First Teaching 

  1. Re-engaging pupils with learning 

Visits to classes and discussions with pupils indicate that pupils are settled into new routines.  

Observations show that there is good pupil engagement in lessons. 

Dec 20 

  1. Integrating remote learning within curriculum provision 

Analysis of the home learning audits shows that pupils in bubbles which have needed to self-isolate have been provided with daily teaching in line with the school’s requirements. 

Apr 21 

  1. Identifying and recovering lost learning 

Analysis of triangulated evidence indicates that Years 1 to 5 cohorts achieve at least in line with 2019-20 Term 2 attainment.  

Analysis of triangulated evidence indicates that Year 6 exceed 2019-20 Term 2 attainment. 

Jul 21 

Targeted Academic Support 

  1. Curriculum adaptation & intervention 

Evaluation of provision maps indicate that there are clear catch-up plans for all pupils who are off-track in all year groups, so that by the end of the year: 

 - Individuals have made sufficient progress to recover their learning 

 - Reception: all non-SEN children are on track to attain the phonics screen check in Year 1.  

 - Year 1: 90% of pupils have passed the phonics screen check. 

 - End of KS1: 95% of pupils have passed the phonics screen check.  

 - End of KS2: reading attainment has improved at EXS+ from 63% to 70% and at GDS from 26% to 30%. 


Nov 20 

 Jul 21 

  1. Effective deployment of TAs 

Analysis of triangulated monitoring information indicates that all teachers deploy teaching assistants effectively.  

Apr 21 


  1. Provision for SEND 

Analysis of planned monitoring indicates that all teachers use a range of scaffolds effectively.  

Analysis of work and assessments indicates that provision for SEND is consistently good or better across the curriculum.  

Lesson visits and work scrutiny indicate that all staff are using precision teaching effectively. 


Apr 21 

Jul 21 

Jul 21 

Wider Strategies 

  1. Emotional support for pupils  

Analysis of Thrive screenings indicates that pupils in all year groups have received appropriate wellbeing support based on diagnostic assessment. 



Dec 20 

  1. Supporting parents and carers 

Analysis of home learning audits indicate that there is good parental engagement. 



Apr 21 

  1. Improving access to technology 

Analysis of the home learning audits shows that pupils in all year groups are able to access and regularly use the learning platform for home learning. 



Apr 21