In 2018-2019 Sandringham Primary School has become part of a Government-funded Mathematics Mastery Project. This is a research-based programme where we are using lesson ideas and resources from Mathematics Mastery. Throughout a 2-year cycle teachers will be accessing professional development based on research about how children learn best. Follow the link below to find out more about the company.

As part of this programme we are “teaching for mastery”. This means that we focus on the depth of children’s understanding rather than rushing through the curriculum content. Children are given the chance to explore maths concepts in different ways where they learn to reason about maths and become confident problem solvers.

What does this look like in my child’s classroom?

  • Children will be reasoning about and making connections between areas of mathematics.
  • Children will spot patterns and think mathematically.
  • Lots of practical work with equipment from nursery to year 6 to deepen understanding.
  • Lots of talk in full sentences about the maths learning.
  • Different ways of representing the same maths concept to deepen the learning, for example a half being shown as half a circle, half a rectangle or half an amount.
  • Challenge for all abilities.

The belief that all children can succeed in mathematics!