Being able to read confidently is the key to so many other areas of learning and opens a world of enjoyment for the children, and as such, is a key focus for learning at our school.

At Sandringham we use a variety of reading schemes and materials, including Nelson Thornes, Oxford Reading Tree, and Heinemann Story worlds. We also use a wide range of ‘real’ books by a range of popular authors.

  • In Key Stage 1, books are colour banded and children choose books that are carefully matched to their own level of development. 
  • Children read in small guided groups, 1:1 with an adult and independently for their own pleasure. 
  • We encourage the children to become more independent with their reading and choice of texts as they grow in confidence and ability.
  • In addition to using and applying phonics, we have adapted a 'toolbox kit' to help children read unfamiliar words.  
  • These tools do not need to be used all at the same time, just what is suitable for the word your child is reading. 

In Key Stage 2 we use a widening range of fiction and non-fiction materials and also use class novels to share together.  We encourage the children to read at home on a daily basis and to share books with their families. It is also very important for children to hear stories and books being read to them that are more difficult than those that they can tackle alone. We value the role that parents have to play in developing the children’s positive attitudes and skills in reading.